What is ‘Top of Mind’ Awareness?

Top of Mind‘ Awareness (TOMA) simply means that when a consumer has a need for (and is ready to purchase) a service
or product that you offer, he or she thinks of your company.

How Do You Create TOMA?

TOMA doesn’t just happen overnight. It is the direct result of a consistent marketing effort designed to create awareness for your company in the minds of your customers and prospects. Your main goal is to create an awareness of who you are and what you offer so that when a potential customer needs your product or service, he/she remembers you.

How Do You Maintain TOMA?

This is accomplished by staying in touch. It is important to remind your customers and prospects, on a regular basis, that you are still around and want to do business with them. Create
a marketing campaign that utilizes all means available to you (TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Email, Word of Mouth, etc.) to get your message across.

It is also very important to maintain a common theme throughout your marketing campaign. Using the same ‘look and feel‘ for your marketing creates your ‘brand‘, which is what will be remembered about your company.

Target Your Best Prospects!

Your best prospects are usually:

  • your present best customers, and
  • other people that look like them.

You can – or should be able to – identify your best customers. Once you’ve identified your best (most profitable) customers, use their demographic profile to find more people that look
like them.

And Finally…

After everything is said and done, getting the results you want from your business all boils down to who remembers you when it is time to buy. Stay in Touch…IT WORKS!