biz INTOUCH is an internet marketing firm that specializes in ‘Stay in Touch‘ marketing. Our proven system, based on the idea that the best source for new business is a referral from someone who knows you, will grow your company by generating new business from existing customers as well as from your prospects and acquaintances.

We go the extra mile for you when it comes to customer service. Our job is to make you look good and that is just what we do. Our technicians aren’t your run of the mill ordinary guys. They look for creative ways to keep you in front of your customers.

Hello, I’m Charlie Braun, the email marketing guy. We spread the word about your company by using a proven marketing technique called Viral Marketing. Our mission is to get your existing clients to remember you when they themselves or someone they know needs the product or services you provide.

Give us a call to Stay in Touch with your clients. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Charlie Braun, Owner